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Pageant Land actively promotes all the amazing UK based coaches we have in our industry. They all offer amazing packages, programs and training, but there were a couple of programs we wanted to offer ourselves. These programs were written based on specific skills and knowledge within the team. Some of them weren't available within the UK at the time of writing, but all of them complement training with another pageant coach. 


Pageant coaching helps you make the most of your time in pageantry and truly give it purpose. Whether this is your first pageant and you want to approach it properly to get the most from it or you have been at it a while and want to add much more depth, purpose and personal growth to your journey, coaching help. 


We offer two programs Pageant Game Plan & Purpose From Pageantry. More details on both can be found below. Sessions are currently only offered online via video chat and all bookings start with a free 30-minute discovery call. The discovery call is very important, because we may think another coach would be a better fit for your needs, so don't be offended if we refer you onto a different pageant coach after this call. 


If you wish to apply for one of these two programs please CLICK HERE.


We also offer public speaking coaching. These sessions are 30-minutes, conducted on or offline and offer you invaluable skills for pageantry and life beyond. This isn't interview coaching (which we highly recommend investing in with one of the amazing coaches we have in the UK) and instead covers all aspects of on and offline public speaking and presentation skills. Most people will only need one or two sessions to gain the important skills you need. Sessions are £30 for 30 minutes. Please email us directly to book this in.

Pageant Game Plan

The Pageant Game Plan will give you everything you need to make sure you prepare for your pageant properly, in a calm, organised manner, using your time wisely and not wasting finances. But most importantly you will keep the essence of whom you are and come away from your pageant feeling like a winner no matter who gets the crown.


During your time on this program, we will come up with an action plan for your preparation, including but not limited to other experts you might need to work with on certain areas, research and shopping plans for your outfits, setting goals for appearances and charity work, plus how you will achieve those goals. We will briefly touch on finding your platform, but if you wish to develop this further you will need to look at the Purpose From Pageantry program.


The Pageant Game Plan is best suited to those who are new to pageants, those who found they wasted a lot of time and money last time they competed or those who are competing again since a change in life circumstances and need a new approach.

CLICK HERE to apply.

Purpose From Pageantry

To the outside world, pageants are all just sparkles and vanity, but we know different. I don't think it's possible to explain the depths of personal development you can obtain from pageantry. But many ladies are missing out on so much and that is where we come in. Purpose From Pageantry goes beyond the typical walk and interview coaching and works on the depths within you. Discovering your real reason for competing, your goals beyond the crown, your true platform and the areas of self-development that need additional work. We will work on how we can best use the skills you have to promote your platform and charity work. Look at how competing will help you with your bigger picture and we will also develop additional skills to help you with pageantry and life. 

A true queen should always have depth and purpose. It is well known that the biggest pet peeve in pageantry is when a queen doesn't do much or sometimes anything with her title.  This is often due to the fact that she played the game of winning and did not work on presenting her best self. These queens show their true colours pretty fast, but more importantly, they are missing out on so much that pageantry has to offer. Who wants to be a queen who just shows up for photos and posts funny videos? Wouldn't you rather be a queen or even "just" a competitor that is making a real difference in her life and the lives of others within pageantry? If you would rather be option two make sure you are applying for the Purpose From Pageantry coaching program today.


CLICK HERE to apply.

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“I wish there was a podcast just like this when I started pageants, everything you need from final day advice to make up.”


“This podcast has helped me so much this year in my very first pageant. All the information is there you just have to listen.”

“After competing in pageants for a few years this is exactly what the U.K. pageant industry needed!” 


“This is what every pageant girl needs in their life, Some amazing stuff here girls, get listening.”


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Why do I need to apply? Because I won't take a penny from someone I can't actually help. I've worked with coaches and mentors in many areas of life and for a variety of prices. Not everyone is right to be coached by everyone and I refuse to waste your or my time. Coaching with the right person is invaluable. If you are unsure which program to apply for don't worry I can access where I think I will add the most value. 

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By applying you are not committing yourself to anything. It's just the first step towards a brighter pageantry journey.


To apply for one of our coaching programs please use the link above. 

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